H&R Block Procrastination

In the final week before taxes are due, online tax filing systems are overwhelmed with traffic. Why? Because people love to procrastinate. We celebrated these procrastinators in the final days before the deadline with a few television spots and interactive online experiences to enable the procrastinators even more. https://vimeo.com/63679296 https://vimeo.com/63679297 To take even more advantage… Continue reading H&R Block Procrastination


How do you disrupt a category in the hyper growth market of cell & gene therapy? CPC , the world’s #1 brand of fluid connectors, had a new small-format, aseptic single-use connector ready to launch globally. As the only state-of-the-art micro connector that reduces the risks associated with the status quo(tube welding) in biopharma process… Continue reading CPC MicroCNX