A New Look for a One-of-a-Kind Brand


Happify Health created a unique platform that supports emotional health. This software combines positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, all while maintaining unbelievable levels of user engagement. The robust nature of the platform – and the unlikely pairing of science and fun – meant that it was difficult to quickly communicate Happify Health’s value proposition.



We uncovered a vital insight. The team at Happify Health was driven by an impactful belief: clinical interventions could be both effective and engaging. This discovery led to a focus on the brand’s unique combination of “Science & Delight,” setting it apart from competitors while positioning its emotional health platform as engaging and effective.

We created a visual identity to cement the concept of “Science & Delight.” Dynamic photography and video show Happify Health’s brand colors colliding in eye-catching combinations. Dramatic portrait photography and iconic design elements work together to concisely explain the complicated science behind the software. The Happify Health website, sales materials and presentations have all been elevated, telling the brand’s story in a whole new way.


Agency: Morsekode
Creative Director: Dain Larson
Senior Designer: Taylor Schmisek
Directors: Mark Kasper & Zach Nichols