Can Tape Hold a Scooter Together?

3M VHB Tape has been in existence for over 40 years. Tests have proven it to be a trustworthy replacement to mechanical fasteners like rivets and bolts. It not only holds up panels on buildings and makes cars lighter, but it has the unique ability to bond multiple, differing materials together like wood to metal or plastic. It has even been used in space exploration. Yet most engineers still don’t trust that a tape can be THAT strong. It is. And we proved it by sending the dubious engineers the ultimate sample: a scooter that is assembled only using tape.

We started by ideating how the scooter would look and be assembled. We wanted to use multiple different materials to show off all of the tape’s bonding capabilities. Metal, wood, plastic all needed to be featured.

Next we took designs to the next level by creating them in CAD. We were able to see how the scooter would be assembled together and test how the tape would hold up against the different strains that would be put on it.

Refined design

Refined design assembly