The Most American Made Product Ever

In 2008, my father introduced me to a product called Milorganite, which I began using to fertilize my lawn. This all-natural fertilizer, made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, proved to be a huge success, and I became a passionate advocate, extolling its benefits to other homeowners because that’s what you do when you are a homeowner. However, it wasn’t until I decided to investigate its origins that I discovered just how natural it really is. I was both terrified and humorously elated to find out Milorganite is created from wastewater treatment plant byproducts from the good people of Milwaukee and other local industries like MillerCoors. I couldn’t help but think it is literally the most American made product ever. I was so amused by the story that I wrote a TV spot for this incredibly American fertilizer which then languished in my Google documents for years. Last fall, while discussing the product’s advantages with some friends, I mentioned the unproduced ad, and it was then decided that we must bring it to life. Armed with no budget, no paid actors, a free location, and my parents’ delicious chili to fuel us, we filmed it on a beautiful autumn day in 2022.

Huge shout out to:
Zach Nichols for laying on his back in the cold grass reciting lines all day.
Mark Kasper for his directing and editing abilities.
Will Moses for donating his skills behind the camera.
Jack Ruelle for keeping us organized and on task.
Matt Myers for his grip and sound expertise, along with letting us utilize his parents beautifully manicured (Milorganite-fed) lawn.