A Haircut From My Kids

WARNING: This has nothing to do with advertising. It’s literally just a video of my kids cutting my hair.

After 18 months of growing it out, my hair had officially started to precede me. Despite being named the family member with the longest hair this summer, I finally decided to cut it after my daughters gleefully compared my luscious locks to that of a Polish chicken (google it) they saw running around a farm. I asked all of the women in the house whether I should cut my hair, and to my surprise, the vote was unanimous. The kids even offered to cut it for me. I’m not sure why I said yes, but I’m glad I did because I have never seen my wife laugh so hard. Ever. But don’t worry, I did get it touched up just the tiniest bit by a professional the next day. I would tell you where I went, but she specifically told me not to tell anyone that she had given me this haircut. Thankfully the divots will grow out.