H&R Block Procrastination

In the final week before taxes are due, online tax filing systems are overwhelmed with traffic. Why? Because people love to procrastinate. We celebrated these procrastinators in the final days before the deadline with a few television spots and interactive online experiences to enable the procrastinators even more.

To take even more advantage of the overwhelming amount of tax procrastinators we went to the procrastination epicenter. The internet. We served up an experience to cater to the mindset of this particular individual by letting them, well, procrastinate instead of starting their taxes.


When the procrastinate button was clicked the user was served up a 5-10 second clip of a guy procrastinating. Continuing to click procrastinate served up more and more absurd procrastination clips. The video content included everything from practicing ballet moves and learning the harmonica to bathing in candle light and checking the smoke alarm batteries. Over 8 minutes of procrastination clips were contained in this online experience. If the user decided to click on Start Your Taxes, they would then be showed our character finally settling in at his home office only to be interrupted by cheering, applause and balloons falling from above as he begins to file his taxes using H&R Block At Home.


The campaign began 7 days before the tax deadline. We rolled out this interactive experience on HULU, Skype, Undertone and YouTube. The short clips were also used across all of H&R Block social channels.




Agency: Fallon
Creative Director: Marc Stephens
Design/Art Direction: Dain Larson
Copywriter: Glen Wachowiak
Director: Mike Nelesen