Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance exists to help young athletes become better people through a positive sporting experience. The problem is that some parents can suck the positivity out of sports before kids even hit the field.

We uncovered an insight that most kids only want to hear one thing from their parents while playing sports. It’s not how to hit the ball harder, run faster, or play better defense. It’s simply, “I love watching you play.”

Armed with this insight and a handful of generous media partners, we created a pro bono series of TV spots to raise awareness for PCA throughout Minnesota. A series of three humorous scenarios highlight the ridiculousness of some parent-child sporting engagements. The end result is a reminder that adults should act like…well… adults while they’re supporting their young athletes.


Agency: Morsekode
Creative Director: Dain Larson
Senior Designer: Shane Maland
Writer: Jake Kluskowski
Director: Mark Kasper