How do you disrupt a category in the hyper growth market of cell & gene therapy? CPC , the world’s #1 brand of fluid connectors, had a new small-format, aseptic single-use connector ready to launch globally. As the only state-of-the-art micro connector that reduces the risks associated with the status quo(tube welding) in biopharma process engineering, the stage was set for disruption.

To steal market share from the existing tube-welding leaders, MK developed a bold message that intrigued customers to inquire about “the end of the weld.” Touting the category benefits of small format connectors vs. category risks associated with tube-welding, the messaging needed a bold creative introduction to drive behavioral inquiry and trial adoption.

A highly integrated big idea called “The End of the Weld” presented the market with a new way of connecting tubes in the sterile bio-pharma market. In two phases, the campaign deserved impact. First, with advertising driving viewers to an engaging micro-site, a “be the first to know” email sign up drove a database of potential new customers. Digital tools that support product introduction and benefits were key engagement features on the site. Compelling video drove more site traffic. Visit endoftheweld.com to see the end of the weld for yourself.